Hazard Solution’s extensive experience and knowledge in industry insures clients are up-to-date in all areas of legislative compliance and Environmental & Safety Management. Hazard Solution will manage all your liquid risks.

We provide site surveys, training, spill control products, drain covers,
spill kits and maintenance programs.

Service Programme

The Hazard Solution Maintenance programme offers companies a hazard free way of keeping spill kits up to date. Our Service program includes 4 visits per year by a service representative. They will inspect your kits, re-stock them and present you with a written report of the replacement stock required. Our service program compliments your environmental management strategy and provides you with the correct paper work to show you are completing your environmental duty of care.

Hazard Solution recommend products made from 100% recycled Australian materials. Our absorbents can be used in a range of situations as an environmentally friendly alternative to “kitty litter” products. For dust sensitive areas or for spill response in the wet, absorbent pads are an effective alternative to loose absorbents. Our pads are colour coded for their use on oils, chemicals or both.

Spill Kits
If you have stored liquids on your site, don’t risk fines by not being protected against foreseeable spills. Choosing a kit from a catalogue can be a costly mistake, whether you have chemicals, hydrocarbon or dangerous goods, one of our representatives would be happy to help you assess your needs. Save money by choosing the right spill kit for your situation.

Training is an essential part of a quick and effective response to a spill. We are able to cater to the level of training you require. Show due diligence by making sure your staff are trained on how to use the spill response equipment on your site and safely handle chemicals. Each delegate completes a questionnaire and receives a certificate of attendance.

1. Our Spill Kit Induction training will ensure that spill kits are clearly identified and that staff are aware of how to respond.
2. Chemical Awareness Course teaches staff to safely handle & store chemicals.